The workshops

Cuicani’s workshops provide a unique opportunity for educators to enhance cultural curriculums and to share the message that Latin American music and culture are a vital and thriving part of our communities. The group’s stylized sound transports you from the high mountains regions to the sounds of the rain forest in Latin America.  Audiences are not only exposed to the music, but to the sociological contexts in which this music takes place.  Cuicani’s music reveals the richness of regional Latin American cultures.

Overview of Latin American Music

This workshop is a lively, interactive performance in which you can hear how pre-Columbian, European and African musical influences have blended together in different Latin American countries to become what each region can now claim as its own musical style. The presentations include information about socio-cultural context of songs as well as the display of unusual string, wind, and percussion instruments from Latin America.

Musical Instruments and Musical Styles of the Andes

The Andean region of South America hosts rich musical traditions. We explain in depth Pre-Columbian flutes, strings, and percussion instruments, including the quena, quenacho, tarkas, sikus, charango, bombo and chajchajs.  We play traditional styles from Bolivia, Ecuador, Peru, and northern Argentina that incorporate those musical instruments.

What they have said about Cuicani's workshops:

  • They talk directly with the students not only through their voices but the music!
  • Very amusing and interesting-capture attention!
  • Wonderful music, interesting storytelling and educational.
  • I liked the stories, the crowd involvement, the moments of humor, but mostly the music!










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